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Meal Estimator 


  • German Shepherd – 70 lbs.
    (Dog weight (pounds) x 16 ounces x 2% divided by number of meals per day)

  • Comes out to 11.2 ounces per meal.

  • Eats 2 meals per day.

  • 5 lb. Tube is 80 oz., so it would last approximately 3.5 days.

Try Our Adult Dog Meal Estimator Below:

Disclaimer: This is a starting formula to cover all dogs. If you notice your dog is above or below their desired weight, please adjust their food intake accordingly and wait 3-4 weeks before adjusting again. Activity is also a factor, so you may need to increase for a more active dog in the summer or a less active dog in the winter. Age can also play a factor in what is required per day. We do not recommend tubes be thawed past 4 days. If your pet cannot consume a 5 lb. tube within that timeframe, we do have multiple packaging options to choose from to accommodate them.

Try Our Puppy Estimator Below:

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