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Our Furry Family Members

Our raw journey started with our German Shepherd / Border Collie crosses, brother and sister, Brody and Harlow. After having suffered from several recalls of costly kibble that they refused to eat most days, until we started feeding them raw food—this has been their food since they were 2 years old (2012). We have a 4 year old long hair German Shepherd, Luna she has been a raw dog since she was ten weeks old! They are the inspiration for starting our company and drive us everyday to providing the best food solutions to our furry friends in the area.

We, Stephany and Scott Schindler, founded Wild Legacy (formally Purely Primal) to offer a healthier food solution for dogs in Cleveland, Ohio. We have been trusted partners for many customers for providing exceptional raw dog food. We have three human kids, one fur kid and share an unparalleled love for dogs. We have been sharing our passion through our company by being raw food distributors locally.

Through our journey, we have learned that low-quality ingredients are used in most pet foods available in the market. As a resolution, with our premium raw dog food, we strive to provide lower cost and healthy foods available to our fur family members.

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