Raw Nutrition

for Dogs

Wholesale Preordering and Retail available

Purely Primal
Purely Primal

Local Distributor of Raw Dog Food in Cleveland, Ohio

Wild Legacy locally distributes raw dog food made of the finest ingredients to keep your furry friends healthy and active.

Since 2018, we have been offering a 100% balanced diet for dogs. All our meats not only have irresistible flavors but also aid your pets in the transitioning process.

Purely Primal

Who We Are

We are a locally-owned firm that offers wholesale preordering and retail dog food for northeastern Ohio. 

Since owning our own dogs, we understand the unique health requirements of your pets. Although our compassionate experts formulated superior quality produce yet, they are cost-effective, making them affordable to every dog owner.

Ordering Information

We order wholesale every 7 weeks. Ordering will open two weeks before the due date. We will send out reminders via emails and on our social media pages. 

Please feel free to like our "Wild Legacy" page and join our "Medina Raw Dog Food Group" on Facebook. 

We are unable ship out food at this time. Wholesale ordering and retail is local pickup only in Medina, Ohio. 

Purely Primal
Purely Primal

When to Order/Pickup